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P-hus Ørestad

By og Havn


OS Arkitekter, Studiohara, Arkitekt Simon Hald, Prip Brandrådgivning Aps
By og Havn
Future-proof, transformable parking facility in Ørestad with the construction built in wood.

Together with OS architects, Studiohara and Arkitekt Simon Hald, HE won the competition for the new parking house in Ørestad. It will be first parking facility in Denmark with timber construction. Together with architects, we designed a future-proof, transformable and sustainable building, which can actively contribute to different aspects of the city’s sustainability.

By replacing the typical concrete construction with timber column/beam structure, the structure will embed tons of carbon instead of emitting tons. From the beginning the project is aiming for flexibility of the building program for the unseeable future. Timber construction enables the program to change and evolve over the years. Despite serving current car parking needs, the building offers a community HUB at the rooftop, that can host small workshop space and creative businesses.

Expected completion / 2026

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